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Human beings used to need a third set of molars due to their tough-to-chew diet. Now, our food is much softer and easier to eat, and the wisdom teeth that used to serve a purpose are now more of a nuisance. Whether you suspect that you may need one or more wisdom teeth removed or you know that you need to schedule a wisdom tooth removal with an experienced dentist in Bellevue, our team would be happy to assist. Contact our office today!

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When should a wisdom tooth be removed?

Wisdom teeth can cause an assortment of issues if they are not removed in a timely manner. Some lucky patients have no wisdom teeth or their wisdom teeth grow in correctly, while others need their wisdom teeth removed because there is not enough room on their jawbone, which can cause crowding, malocclusion, and pain. If a wisdom tooth is not able to erupt from the gums at all, cysts and infections can develop. Our team would be happy to let you know when or if we believe you should have your wisdom teeth removed.

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What is the best age for a wisdom tooth removal?

Many dental professionals recommend that their patients have their wisdom teeth removed during their late teens or early twenties. This is because the jaw is done growing at this point, and the recovery process tends to be easier for younger patients. If you are older and your wisdom teeth are causing issues, however, there is no age limit for a wisdom tooth removal. Some patients prefer not to have their wisdom teeth removed while undergoing orthodontic treatment, but wisdom tooth removals can be scheduled for patients wearing braces or clear aligners.

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Can I return to work or school after a wisdom tooth removal?

Patients typically have to take a few days off from their normal routines post-wisdom teeth removal. The length of your recovery will depend largely on how many teeth you are getting removed, whether or not they are impacted, and how long it usually takes you to recover from invasive procedures. Once you return to your normal routine, we still recommend eating soft foods and avoiding doing anything too strenuous, as this can cause complications during the healing process.

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