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Even though you may practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, your teeth are still at risk of developing cavities. Several factors can contribute to cavity development. However, whether you need a cavity treated or to replace an old tooth filling, our dental office in Belleview, WA, offers composite fillings that can heal your teeth and keep your smile healthy while still looking natural. To learn more about our dental fillings or schedule your appointment, please contact our office!

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What is a tooth filling?

Several types of tooth fillings, or dental fillings, are available. However, each type of dental filling serves the same purpose; to treat tooth decay, also known as a cavity. At Bellevue Dental Oasis, we offer composite filling to provide good durability and resistance for small to mid-sized fillings. The composite filling has a more natural appearance than other types of dental fillings.

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What are fillings used for?

If you have a cavity, a dental filling will likely be suggested. In some cases, dental filling material can be used to restore parts of a cracked or chipped tooth. When a tooth filling is scheduled, our team will prepare the tooth by applying a local anesthetic to increase your comfort during the procedure. Next, our dentist will remove the decayed or damaged tooth portion and clean the area to use the dental filling material in the hollow space.

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How much does a dental filling cost?

Due to the various types of dental fillings, the severity of the decay, and tooth location, the dental filling cost is often determined after an examination. However, it’s best to receive a dental filling to restore your tooth as quickly as possible rather than wait until the decay worsens. At Bellevue Dental Oasis, we accept a variety of dental insurances as well as FSA and HSAs to help with the dental filling cost. Visit our financial page to learn more about financing your filling!

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