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At-Home Recovery Tips After Oral Surgery

July 31, 2021 4:51 am
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After oral surgery, there are certain steps you can take to promote a smooth recovery. In this blog post, we go over some tips for your at-home care after oral surgery.

Pain Management

Depending on the procedure you had, and your personal reaction to that work, you going to have some level of pain after your procedure, and you’ll probably need some help managing that pain in the short term. Listen to your dentist or doctor here. They will either prescribe you medication, or suggest an over-the-counter pain reliever to help you out. If you experience any bleeding, you’ll want to have gauze on hand. Bite down gently on moistened gauze for about 30 second at a time to stop the flow of blood.

Reduce Swelling with a Cold Compress

Another source of pain and discomfort will be the swelling around the affected area. It’s important to have some sort of cold compress available to you, whether it’s an ice pack, a frozen water bottle, or even a bag of frozen veggies. This will bring down some of the inflammation and keep you comfortable.

How to Care for Your Teeth

As you heal, you’ll want to be mindful of how you care for your teeth. Continue to brush and floss, being gentle around the affected area while it’s still healing. Talk to your dentist about a rinse. They may prescribe a mouthwash or tell you to stick to a warm saltwater rinse to gently cleanse the area. Avoid smoking and using straws at this time or you could end up with dry sockets or even infection. Additionally, consume only soft foods and liquids in the first several days.

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